Using Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects.

  • Add tooltip or popover to an element

    Adding tooltip 1. Select the element that will have a tooltip. In PROP tab fill in the values in Tooltip section: 2. Select Page -> Edit code and add Tooltip initialization Javascript:   1 2 3 <script>     $(‘[data-toggle=”tooltip”]’).tooltip(); </script>   3. Save the page and reload it (Page -> Reload or CMD + R). Tooltips […]

  • Create a Bootstrap Modal

    Start by adding a button to the page. This button will be used to show the modal:   Drag the modal to the page, best is at the end of the document: Edit the content: Put any additional content in div.modal-body: In this example, we added an image and changed the button: Add data-dismiss=”modal” to […]

  • How to upgrade to the next Bootstrap version

    If you chose File -> New page, first save the file. Then just upgrade Bootstrap as you would normally do: download the new version and replace the existing Bootstrap CSS and JS files in your project. Then open the page in Pinegrow.