• Uploading site to the server

    HTML & CSS files created / edited with Pinegrow can be uploaded to your server with any file transfer app (FTP…) or version control system (GIT…).

  • Collaborative editing

    At the moment Pinegrow doesn’t have any special collaboration features. Team members can work on the same website project on the level of files with the help of source control system like Git. The project should be stored in a central source control repository and each team member works with their snapshot of the project […]

  • Affiliate Program

    IMPORTANT Pinegrow Affiliate Program is INACTIVE at the moment   Thank you for your interest in the Pinegrow Web Editor Affiliate Program! Pinegrow Web Editor is an innovative and powerful product that can definitely wow your audience, providing both professionals and non-code savvy users with a way to create HTML sites and WordPress themes like […]

  • Body class bug workaround in Pinegrow WP 2.2

    We have recently discovered an issue in Body class action in Pinegrow WP 2.2 and you can be sure that we’ll fix it in our next version. In the mean time you can you can still add this useful feature to your templates by using the following workaround. That particular situation is the perfect example to […]

  • “.html should not be in path” bug in Pinegrow WP 2.2

    We have recently found that the presence of the .HTML extension in the path generates an issue in Pinegrow. While this is an uncommon situation, we advise you not to add this extension to your directories. Note: The issue will be fixed in our next version (2.3)

  • Using Font Awesome plugin

    Pinegrow comes with a Font Awesome plugin that lets you easily add icons to the page and edit their properties. It also supports Icon stacks.

  • Release 1.2 – Sep 26, 2014

    1.21 Beta has lots of improvements: Edit pages with JS plugins (more about this here). Use Edit code together with visual editing Any changes done in LIB, PROP on the page, or in the tree are reflected in the code view. Changes done in the code view are reflected on the page and in the tree. […]

  • Release 1.22 – Oct 2, 2014

    Hi, there! After four months of hard work we’re very happy to let you know that Pinegrow 1.22 is released! Why is that a big deal? Because now you can safely use PG to edit pages that contain JavaScript powered elements such as sliders, modals, etc. Nowadays most templates and websites use these. That means tha PG […]

  • Release 1.23 – Oct. 7, 2014

    Pinegrow Web Designer 1.23 is available for download. This is a free update for all existing users. It has lots of bug fixes and a couple of useful improvements: AngularJS support When playing with AngularJS and Pinegrow we discovered they work quite well together. Pinegrow lets you at the same time edit and use AngularJS apps, […]

  • Release 1.24 – Oct 17, 2014

    Hi! Pinegrow 1.24 is available for download. It has important bug fixes and improvements. This is a free update for all existing users. Trial users will get fresh 7 days to try it out. To update, simply download and install the latest version from pinegrow.com. Below is the list of changes with a bit of extra details added […]

  • Release 1.27 – 24. Dec. 2014

    Download Pinegrow Web Editor 1.27. New & improved: Open recent files Setting to disable auto-reloading externally changed files Online documentation Kelvin Pine – free personal resume Bootstrap theme Bug fixes

  • Release 2.00 – April 3, 2015

    DOWNLOAD PINEGROW 2.0 Important: If Pinegrow app window disappears after launch do this. New in this release (free for all existing users): WordPress theme builder (optional paid add-on, see below for special upgrade offer) Refreshed UI Icons for CSS properties (thanks Martin!) Font Awesome plugin (use File -> Manage frameworks to activate it for the current page) […]

  • Pinegrow App Window disappears after launch

    THIS IS A QUICK FIX FOR PROBLEM AFFECTING PINEGROW 2.0 IN CERTAIN SITUATIONSPlease follow the instructions listed here if Pinegrow application window disappears after you start Pinegrow. A proper solution will be included in the next release. For now do this: Find the folder where Pinegrow is installed, for example C://Program Files/Pinegrow Web Designer Download […]

  • Release 2.01 – April 22, 2015

    Release 2.01 has a couple of important bug fixes: App window disappeared on Windows after being minimised. Theme could not be exported in trial mode on Windows. Attributes enclosed in single quotes were not correctly parsed. This is a free update for all Pinegrow users.  

  • Release 2.1 – May 26. 2015

    Pinegrow 2.1 with Page tabs, WP goodies and more Hi, Matjaz here, the author of Pinegrow Web Editor. Pinegrow 2.1 is available for download. The update is free if it falls within one year from your license purchase (no problem if that’s not the case – you can get additional year of updates for half […]

  • Release 1.107, April 23 2014

    New Pinegrow Web Designer 1.107 is available for download on pinegrow.com with many improvements that will make your work with Pinegrow quicker and more reliable.

  • Release 1.11 – May 29, 2014

    Lots of goodies in this release! The most important is support for defining custom responsive breakpoints together with the media query selection tool. This works on any HTML page, regardless of which framework it is using (or not). See it in action and learn how to use Pinegrow to create responsive sites. Multi-page editing was […]

  • Release 1.12 – June 5, 2014

    CSS improvements CSS vs LESS Until now Pinegrow always used LESS parser to work with CSS files, even when no LESS features were used. LESS and SASS versions of stylesheet were always saved alongside the CSS file. This had some undesirable side-effects: adding unnecessary .less and .scss files in your project; if .css file was edited […]

  • Release 1.13 – June 11, 2014

    New time-saving features: Use UP and DOWN arrow keys in CSS rules properties to increase or decrease values by 1 unit. Press SHIFTto change the value by 10 units. Select and open multiple files with Open file… Open files by dragging and dropping them to Pinegrow window. File -> Close all will close all open […]

  • Release 1.14 – June 17, 2014

    It has important bug fixes and a couple of new features: UP and DOWN arrow keys in CSS rules properties increases or decreases values by 0.1 unit (1 unit with SHIFT) if value is a decimal value (normally by 1 and 10 units). Use selected element Actions -> Insert Lorem Ipsum to quickly insert placeholder […]

  • Release 1.15 – June 23, 2014

    New features: CSS UI fields for top, right, bottom and left. pg-empty-placeholder class makes empty elements visible during editing (read more). Settings for UI zoom (useful for visually impaired users) and HTML code indent size in Support -> Settings. Smarter Insert Lorem Ipsum in selected element Actions menu. Bug fixes: CSS parser mistook // characters […]

  • Release – 1.2 BETA

    Beta release of Pinegrow Web Designer 1.2 is available for download on http://pinegrow.com, featuring: – Working with HTML pages that use JavaScript code and plugins – Better Edit code – Visual page synchronization – Support for Revolution Slider and Bootstrap Carousel – Bug fixes At the first glance Pinegrow 1.2 looks very similar to previous releases. […]

  • Release 2.2 – Jul 23. 2015

    Pinegrow 2.2 with Bootstrap & WordPress Blocks (and more) Hi, there! Matjaz here, the author of Pinegrow. Hope that you’re enjoying the summer. We didn’t go on holidays yet because we wanted to get the 2.2 release out as soon as possible (Ivona and me were also busy with launching the Baby 2.0). — In […]

  • Release 2.21 – Sep 2. 2015

    Pinegrow 2.21 – Smart WP menus and bug fixes Hi, Matjaz here, the author of Pinegrow Web Editor. Pinegrow 2.21 is available for download. The update is free if it falls within one year from your license purchase (no problem if that’s not the case – you can get additional year of updates for half […]

  • Short intro to plugin API

    Pinegrow works with two types of nodes DOM node is a browser DOM element pgParserNode is a source-code representation of the node DOM nodes are mapped to pgParserNodes with data-pg-id attribute. DOM nodes created by JS code at runtime don’t have associated pgParserNodes because they don’t exist in the HTML source. These dynamic elements can\’t […]

  • Pinegrow Plugins

    Plugin types Framework plugins implement support for frameworks like Bootstrap, 960 Grid etc. They integrate in Pinegrow through Lib and Prop tabs. They define components, their properties and implement selectors or functions that auto-detect these components in DOM tree. Supported from version 1.082. Actions, tools and filters. Coming soon. Loading a plugin Open a page, […]

  • Release 2.31 – 18. Nov 2015

    Download Pinegrow 2.31 Did you miss the launch of Pinegrow PRO? We discovered a bug that prevented exporting WordPress themes in trial mode. We also added a bunch of useful goodies that will make your web development life easier: Auto fixing broken links in project Use Fix links in PRJ context menu to fix broken […]

  • How to Try Pinegrow for free for 7 days ?

    Do you want to try Pinegrow before you purchase a license or subscribe to a monthly plan? Do you want to be sure that the features match your expectations and/or needs?

  • Release 3.07

    Atom integration is back, alongside new handy features like Split and merge elements. Download Pinegrow 3.07.