Plugins Development

Tips and tricks about developing Plugins for Pinegrow Web Editor.

  • Short intro to plugin API

    Pinegrow works with two types of nodes DOM node is a browser DOM element pgParserNode is a source-code representation of the node DOM nodes are mapped to pgParserNodes with data-pg-id attribute. DOM nodes created by JS code at runtime don’t have associated pgParserNodes because they don’t exist in the HTML source. These dynamic elements can\’t […]

  • Pinegrow Plugins

    Plugin types Framework plugins implement support for frameworks like Bootstrap, 960 Grid etc. They integrate in Pinegrow through Lib and Prop tabs. They define components, their properties and implement selectors or functions that auto-detect these components in DOM tree. Supported from version 1.082. Actions, tools and filters. Coming soon. Loading a plugin Open a page, […]