Boost your productivity with reusable website elements that can have editable areas.

  • Add your own components to reusable library

    NOTE: This feature was renamed from components to HTML Snippets to avoid confusion with new Smart components. Now you can add any HTML element into a custom snippet library and reuse it on the same page, on other pages and even in other projects. This is a great way to save hours and hours of your […]

  • Components

    Smart components are reusable website elements that can have editable areas. Go through this article to learn about everything you can do with them.

  • Libraries

    Every project can be loaded as a library of another project. That means that all the components and resources defined in the library project will become available for use in the current project. That’s a powerful way of defining reusable website components.

  • Build your own Blocks

    Everybody loves blocks! The idea of having a set of reusable website sections is very appealing. And for a good reason – most websites and web apps share a lot of similar elements: navigation menus, headers, services, portfolios, and so on. So why not package these sections into blocks and use them to quickly build different websites? With Pinegrow, that’s easy & quick!