WordPress Tutorials

Learn with examples about how to develop custom Themes for WordPress.

  • Why and How to create a Settings Page ?

    While Pinegrow WP offers a really convenient way to setup all the WordPress actions directly from your HTML templates, there comes times when a web developer needs a bit of organization in his workflow, not only because such an approach is cleaner, but also for maintenance and evolution purposes. It’s always a good idea to consider solutions that can definitely ease your job.

  • How to add Standard WordPress Galleries to posts and pages

    Pinegrow is not a WordPress starter theme, nor a WordPress framework and so – except if you use Blocks – building your first theme will always start from a blank unstyled page – or an existing HTML page – in the editor. Pinegrow adds no specific CSS code. Everything is under your control!

  • Converting HTML website to WordPress theme

    In this tutorial we’ll use Pinegrow to convert a one-page portfolio website into a WordPress theme. In the process we’ll cover theme structure, static front pages, custom fields, default & custom loops, using custom PHP code and registering new post types.